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Wellness 10-12-12

Anyone who has created a path to wellness will know that it’s a complex process. What time of day and what should you eat?  What type of exercise should you do and for how long? What are the best strategies to help you sleep better and reduce stress? It can be overwhelming and many people simply give up before any changes in habits or the benefits of the interventions can sink in. This program is flexible, evidence-based and achievable. Read to find out more!

What is the 10-12-12 Wellness Program?

This is a simple process for making small changes in your life that, added together, put you well on your way to better quality of life and wellness. The baseline of this wellness model is 10/12/12. Each of these numbers represents a time which is related to an activity that you can do to work toward overall wellness. As you progress, you can increase the time or input you apply to the individual sections.


To start, 10 is the baseline number of minutes of exercise per day.  The first 12 is the number of minutes of mindfulness per day and the final 12 refers to eating, specifically timing of meals but will also incorporate what you eat. 


Within each number there are a variety of research-based strategies you can draw from to make them your own toward your personal wellness journey.  You can, and should adjust the baseline numbers to match your needs. For example, 10 minutes of exercise per day may seem insurmountable to some and is far below what others are currently doing. During a consultation we explore each section, and you choose the strategies that work for you and implement them.  If you are already easily achieving in one area, then now’s the chance to review your other habits. It’s also meant as a tool for you to return to on a regular basis, but not as punishment!  Instead it’s to give you encouragement to regroup and get back on track.

Reclaim Yourself. Reclaim Your Life.

Start the Wellness 10-12-12 Program and Move Toward A Better You!

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