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Roberta Heale

Educator, Author, Mentor, Healthcare Practitioner


Menopause Support for Women in the Workplace

Menopause symptoms are taking a toll on the careers of women, and their productivity. Women are suffering and so are their employers! 

A recent media article describes a recent study that unmanaged menopause symptoms are costing employers over $200 million and lost income for women of over $3 billion.

I understand the unique challenges women face during this transitional phase, and I'm here to help. Say hello to "EmpowerPause," a groundbreaking program designed to empower women and their workplaces through the menopausal journey.

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Why EmpowerPause?

Tailored Support:

We offer personalized guidance, from managing hot flashes to handling mood swings, and more. Our program acknowledges the diverse experiences of women during menopause.

Work-Life Balance: Menopause doesn't have to disrupt your professional life. "EmpowerPause" equips women with strategies to maintain peak performance at work, fostering a supportive environment for employees.

Workplace Education:

A well-informed workplace is a harmonious one. We provide comprehensive training for colleagues, managers, and HR professionals, to create a more inclusive and empathetic workplace. This includes assistance with policy development.

Mental Health & Well-being:

Addressing menopause-related mental health issues is a top priority. "EmpowerPause" offers resources and counseling to help women thrive during this phase.

The Benefits:

1. Enhanced Employee Productivity: Addressing menopause positions women to be more productive employees. "EmpowerPause" contributes to a more motivated and committed workforce.

2. Reduced Absenteeism: By proactively addressing menopausal symptoms, absenteeism due to health issues may be significantly reduced, resulting in substantial cost savings. 

3. Improved Retention Rates: Show your commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Women feel valued when their workplace supports them during menopause, may lead to higher retention rates.

Join us on the journey to make your workplace more supportive, inclusive, and successful. "EmpowerPause" is more than a program; it's a movement for positive change. Together, let's transform the menopause experience in the workplace. Contact us today to learn how we can collaborate for a brighter future.


I'd love to connect to discuss how your organization can support women workers! 

705-626-6319 (leave a message)

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